Viagra’s Impact on Erectile Dysfunction

Viagra made headlines in 1998 and changed the world of men suffering from ED or erectile dysfunction. The drug did not stop there as it also changed the outlook on sex and sexuality, even delving into the intimate relationships between a man and his woman.

The millions of women in the United States alone have seen the wonderful changes it has done to their lovers, husbands, and boyfriends. This made other people think whether Viagra can offer a solution to the emotional and sexual problems that they are facing with their partners. Whether it is to be admitted or not, human beings are sexual animals and a good sex life plays an important role in relationships. Not having a satisfactory sex life with a partner can oftentimes sour a relationship that could well end up in separation.

Men who do not have erectile problems are also curious to find out more about Viagra to the point of trying it out to experience its effect. Some of the questions that these normal males ask are: ‘How will Viagra affect men who do not suffer from erectile dysfunction’? Or ‘Will my sex drive be further increased if I take Viagra’?

Viagra became a drug that woke up sexual fantasies in men who are always on the lookout for miraculous results achieved in a short time. Stories about renewed sexual vitality in older men who took Viagra which allowed them to leave their older wives in exchange for much younger versions fired up the imagination of any true-blooded male. Viagra seems to be the miracle drug that could make any male feel young, vital, and healthy at any age. Viagra stories were the trendiest topics discussed from the office to cocktail parties.

Viagra also became the butt of jokes not because the drug was funny but because the miracle that it has done to a male sexual dysfunction became both an embarrassment and a fantasy. After all, the drug touched that most sensitive part in man’s life which is his sexuality.

Male celebrities were also quick to ride on the popular bandwagon of Viagra. One of them is Playboy’s head honcho, Hugh Hefner, who endorsed Viagra claiming that the drug has enhanced his sexual libido despite his advancing years. He is even rumored to serve Viagra pills at his fabulous parties. Athletes have been advertised lending support to Viagra which has given the drug a ‘manly’ image that males from all ages want.

The enormous power of Viagra stems from the fact that it works. It has saved the countless sex lives of men who have been resigned to lead sexless lives in their advancing years. The drug has also highlighted hidden issues with regard to relationships and sexuality not ever been experienced with other medications. Not only were men affected by it but also the women who see Viagra as a potential lifesaver in providing sexual benefits that could lead the way to more meaningful relationships with their partners.