Liven Up Your Sex Life With Tadalafil

When a man suffers from male impotence or erection problems or erectile dysfunction, the first thing that comes to his mind is a fast remedy. However, finding the right treatment may not be a quick and easy task especially when an almost foolproof remedy is what a man is after. The market may be full of drugs claiming to treat ED or erectile dysfunction that has been approved by the FDA which may make men think will solve their sexual dysfunction. This could be easier said than done. The best option would still be a consultation with a doctor to find out what the best ED drug will work for your case.

Five years after Viagra, Tadalafil with brand name Cialis was born. Upon getting approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration, this anti-impotence drug immediately became popular with men suffering from erectile dysfunction. What makes Tadalafil have an edge above its other competitors is the flexibility, effectiveness, and long duration that a single dosage can give.

Tadalafil is packaged in small dosages that, taken daily, will just be what you have in mind. Men who have been experiencing erectile dysfunction for quite some time are the ones that are usually prescribed with tadalafil. Men who are sexually active and indulge in sexual activities two or more times a week can also benefit from tadalafil. A small dosage of 2.5mg or 5mg of tadalafil tablet can immediately give you and your partner a sexual boost at any time convenient and right for both of you.

An added benefit that tadalafil can give is a tablet that comes in 10mg and 20mg strengths. This mighty pill is special as it enhances duration power that will work great for romantic weekend getaways for you and your honey. Popping one of these pills gives you an extension of 36 hours which can be spent on other things such as a romantic dinner before ultimately ending in sexual activity. The drug does away with the rush that could steal away the spontaneity of the sex act.

An erectile dysfunction or impotence problem can be successfully treated when there is a concrete plan for it. Talking it out with your partner regarding your impotence problem will be the first step. Men often feel that admitting to an erectile problem is the most embarrassing moment that deprives them of their masculinity. Yet, they are often surprised when their partner understands and fully supports them in their time of weakness.

The next step would be a frank talk with your doctor. It will be a better option if you also include your partner during a consultation with your doctor. The doctor has to be informed of any prescribed medications that you are presently taking. If you are taking some herbal therapies or vitamins, the doctor has to know this too. The treatment regarding your erectile dysfunction will depend on the information that you tell your doctor. The doctor will be able to prescribe the best option which is tadalafil if you have no existing medical problem that can prevent you from taking it.

Levitra: Small Dose, Big Effect

What is the special component that makes up Levitra? Actually it is a tiny molecule called Vardenafil hydrochloride. Vardenafil is a PDE-5 inhibitor that has similar functions to tadalafil and sildenafil but has lesser failure cases and short-time effectiveness. Men who have experienced taking Levitra say that it worked effectively the first time they used it.

Vardenafil hydrochloride, the main component of Levitra packs a mighty punch in its small dosage. It has been found that this molecule is far stronger compared to tadalafil and sildenafil.

Men who took Viagra and failed to get satisfactory results from it found Levitra more effective. Customer satisfaction towards the drug is not an isolated case as more and more men have confirmed the positive results.

Diabetic men who are more prone to erectile dysfunction because of the impediment of blood flow to the penis due to high levels of sugar in the blood has been helped by Levitra. Hypertensive and diabetes type 2 men have also reaped benefits from Levitra which they were not able to get from other ED drugs.

The highest dose of 100mg of Viagra is equal to the highest dose of 20mg of Levitra. The minimum dose of Levitra is 2.5mg while Viagra has 12.5mg. There is a big difference in dosage of the drugs when they are compared to their lowest intake.

This lower dosage allowable in Levitra has also shown fewer side effects compared to the other PDE5 inhibitor drug group. Most of the common side effects are mild flushing, headaches, and nasal congestion. Levitra has also less sensitivity to alcohol and food which is an added boon especially when a man would want to have a romantic dinner first with his partner before sexual activity.

In the erectile dysfunction market, each PDE5 inhibitor drug will find its own following. The edge Levitra has among them would be the effect that it gives to diabetic men who easily fall victim to erectile dysfunction.

The market for erectile dysfunction drugs are on the rise but presently, it seems to have been trapped by the big three: Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra. Each of them has something extraordinary to offer. Viagra, the first wonder drug to hit the market has already proved its effectiveness from years past to the present; Cialis offers 36 hours of non-stop fun and action; and Levitra has proven that big things can happen in small doses which have even helped diabetic men.

It can be stated that Viagra still reigns as king because of its consistency, but Levitra can go far ahead in health conditions such as diabetes.

Levitra has taken advantage of this edge against its two competitors by capturing almost 50% of the prescriptions for men who have been newly diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Viagra still holds strongly on the market, but Levitra has climbed steadily on its sales record that spells millions of euros annually. It may take a while for Levitra to usurp the throne that Viagra has occupied for so many years, but it just might be able to do it before long.

Fast-acting and Long-lasting Tadalafil

Tadalafil Cialis is a fast-acting drug that works after 30 minutes of ingestion and effect is a long-lasting 36 hours. This means that the lovemaking between you and your partner will be a spontaneous and exciting time for both of you. The results may vary per person and a consultation with your doctor will give you an idea if tadalafil will be right for your case. Clinical trials done on tadalafil have shown an improvement on a man suffering from ED or erectile dysfunction in having a successful single sexual intercourse lasting for 36 hours. Multiple sexual activities for a single dosage of tadalafil have not been recorded yet.

The right dose for your case will be determined by your doctor. Tadalafil needs to be taken once daily and when there is the presence of a sexual stimulant, works very quickly and effectively. Tadalafil works for any kind of food. It is not affected by high fatty foods and alcohol is allowed though not in excess.

Upset stomach and headache are the most common side effects experienced and reported by men who take tadalafil. There have been reports from some men who experienced muscle aches and backache which comes later after taking the drug. Many men who take tadalafil do not seem to be bothered by the side effects enough to stop taking it. In rare cases, priapism occurred where an erection lasted for more than 4 hours. Should this happen in your case, see your doctor or any medical help immediately. This is the reason why you need to get your doctor’s approval before taking tadalafil.

Tadalafil should not be taken when you take other medications such as prescribed medicines for hypertension, prostate problems, alpha-blockers or nitrates. The blood pressure might develop a sudden drop when the stated medications are combined with tadalafil. Tadalafil is not a protective sex barrier that can protect you from any STDs or sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, gonorrhea, Chlamydia, syphilis or herpes.

When talking to your doctor, discuss other prescribed and non-prescribed medications, herbal supplements or vitamins that you are currently taking so he/she would know if tadalafil will be contraindicated with any of them. If you are taking other medications for ED or erectile dysfunction, inform your doctor about it.

Tadalafil has been reported to help men suffering from ED or erectile dysfunction. The ED cases that tadalafil could treat could range from mild to severe. Clinical studies have shown that men taking tadalafil made them achieve and maintain an erection which has given them an above satisfactory sex life. The men afflicted with ED were also satisfied with the hardness of the erections achieved through the help of tadalafil. The long-lasting effect of 36-hour duration has made tadalafil a very popular drug treatment for erectile dysfunction.

In France, tadalafil has been named as the weekend pill because of its long-lasting effect. Needless to say, the benefits that tadalafil has given to men suffering from ED has been tremendous, if not momentous. Men afflicted with ED has received a new lease in their sexual life as well as improved relationship problems with their partner.