Viagra’s Impact on Erectile Dysfunction

Viagra made headlines in 1998 and changed the world of men suffering from ED or erectile dysfunction. The drug did not stop there as it also changed the outlook on sex and sexuality, even delving into the intimate relationships between a man and his woman.

The millions of women in the United States alone have seen the wonderful changes it has done to their lovers, husbands, and boyfriends. This made other people think whether Viagra can offer a solution to the emotional and sexual problems that they are facing with their partners. Whether it is to be admitted or not, human beings are sexual animals and a good sex life plays an important role in relationships. Not having a satisfactory sex life with a partner can oftentimes sour a relationship that could well end up in separation.

Men who do not have erectile problems are also curious to find out more about Viagra to the point of trying it out to experience its effect. Some of the questions that these normal males ask are: ‘How will Viagra affect men who do not suffer from erectile dysfunction’? Or ‘Will my sex drive be further increased if I take Viagra’?

Viagra became a drug that woke up sexual fantasies in men who are always on the lookout for miraculous results achieved in a short time. Stories about renewed sexual vitality in older men who took Viagra which allowed them to leave their older wives in exchange for much younger versions fired up the imagination of any true-blooded male. Viagra seems to be the miracle drug that could make any male feel young, vital, and healthy at any age. Viagra stories were the trendiest topics discussed from the office to cocktail parties.

Viagra also became the butt of jokes not because the drug was funny but because the miracle that it has done to a male sexual dysfunction became both an embarrassment and a fantasy. After all, the drug touched that most sensitive part in man’s life which is his sexuality.

Male celebrities were also quick to ride on the popular bandwagon of Viagra. One of them is Playboy’s head honcho, Hugh Hefner, who endorsed Viagra claiming that the drug has enhanced his sexual libido despite his advancing years. He is even rumored to serve Viagra pills at his fabulous parties. Athletes have been advertised lending support to Viagra which has given the drug a ‘manly’ image that males from all ages want.

The enormous power of Viagra stems from the fact that it works. It has saved the countless sex lives of men who have been resigned to lead sexless lives in their advancing years. The drug has also highlighted hidden issues with regard to relationships and sexuality not ever been experienced with other medications. Not only were men affected by it but also the women who see Viagra as a potential lifesaver in providing sexual benefits that could lead the way to more meaningful relationships with their partners.

Sildenafil – Popularly Known as Viagra

One of the most popular medication treatments given for ED or erectile dysfunction is sildenafil, which is popularly known as Viagra. When the drug was released in the year 1998, it became a hit, to put it mildly.

Viagra sildenafil became the revolutionary drug of the century that forever changed the outlook towards issues on impotence and sex. Men silently suffering ED or erectile dysfunction sought out their doctors to have a prescription made for the drug. Much of the popularity of sildenafil was due to the clever and massive marketing strategies employed by pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer. Endorsements from celebrities such as Pele, the soccer star, and Bob Dole, former Senator of the United States clinched the deal with the masses. The fact that the drug lived up to what it claims is the most successful endorsement of all.

Erectile dysfunction

Having difficulty in achieving and maintaining an erection of the penis that would be capable for sexual intercourse is what an erection problem in men is all about. While some men lose their erection during sexual intercourse, some men are simply not capable of achieving any erection at all. Erectile dysfunction or ED is a consistent incapability of a man to get and maintain an erection for sexual intercourse.

Many men at a certain point in their life could suffer from impotence, but it is the elderly that it is most common as they may have other physical problems that impede them from getting and maintaining an erection.

Using sildenafil to treat erectile dysfunction

Years before the advent of sildenafil, the methods used to treat ED or impotence includes surgical implants, vacuum pumps, and injections on the penis. At the very least these methods were very uncomfortable which men shied away from. It was a better option for men to be silent on their impotence problems rather than making use of treatments that are very uncomfortable.

The impact that sildenafil made to millions of ED sufferers is understandable. Getting and maintaining an erection with a single pop of a pill an hour before sexual intercourse revolutionized the sexual lives of men who were impotent. The clinical trials done for the drug which made it safe to use and the approval from FDA gave a much-needed boost of confidence to men to take the drug that produced happy results.

Sildenafil can only be purchased with a prescription from a doctor. This is to ensure that the doctor has seen its suitability to your case. Here is a list of categories wherein sildenafil should not be abused or taken:

  • Sildenafil is not recommended for men who do not have impotence problems
  • Any form of medicines that contain nitrates should not be used together with sildenafil
  • Caution should be taken in using sildenafil if a man is taking alpha-blocker medicines
  • Sildenafil might be dangerous to use as a recreational drug

There have been other drugs launched to combat impotence, but none seems to have matched the popularity of Viagra sildenafil despite some advantages that the other brands claim.

Revolutionary Sildenafil for Erectile Dysfunction

Men of all ages and sexually active can be affected with erectile dysfunction condition which is an incapability of getting and maintaining an erection during sexual intercourse. The condition is also commonly called impotence and men throughout the ages have looked for a way to successfully treat this sexual dysfunction. There were herbs that partially treated the affliction, but it is only through the development of sildenafil that completely revolutionized the treatment for ED or erectile dysfunction.

The name sildenafil may not ring a bell to everyone, but its other name which is Viagra is known to all. It should be noted that the main and most important ingredient of generic Viagra and Viagra is sildenafil.

In times past, impotence was believed to be caused by psychological problems and while this is true, it only presents one side of the coin. The other side could also be attributed to physical health conditions such as nerve damage, heart problems, hypertension, diabetes, and kidney and liver diseases that can very well cause impotence. These diseases can prevent blood from flowing freely in the penis which is the main reason erection cannot be achieved and maintained.

Sildenafil belongs to the group of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors. The main purpose of PDE5 inhibitors is to make blood flow freely which can be achieved by relaxing the muscles and arteries of the different parts of the body. In the case of sildenafil, its main target is to relax the muscles and arteries of the penis to allow blood to be distributed evenly and freely. This action automatically allows the penis to achieve and maintain an erection.

Another wonderful benefit that sildenafil has been discovered to give is the reduction by half of stress hormones in the heart. The drug has been seen to regulate the amount of blood going to the heart which lessens the force needed in order to pump it back to the whole body.

Some tests done in mice using sildenafil showed that it can reverse the effects of the heart muscles that have been damaged by heart enlargement and heart failure. The findings were published in a medical journal, but yet have to be tested in humans before it could be an established fact. The findings have to be weighed against the side effects that sildenafil have on functions of the heart before it could be declared as a potential treatment for some heart problems.

Sildenafil is available in three dosages: 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg. It is a prescription drug which means that the only way you can purchase and use it would be through a doctor’s prescription. Only your doctor would know the right dosage to use in your case. It should always be remembered that sildenafil should not be used for recreational purposes which might be very dangerous, or taken by men who do not suffer from erectile dysfunction problems. The drug is not meant to add further sexual libido in normal men. It was developed to help the millions of men who have suffered silently with their impotence problems.

Liven Up Your Sex Life With Tadalafil

When a man suffers from male impotence or erection problems or erectile dysfunction, the first thing that comes to his mind is a fast remedy. However, finding the right treatment may not be a quick and easy task especially when an almost foolproof remedy is what a man is after. The market may be full of drugs claiming to treat ED or erectile dysfunction that has been approved by the FDA which may make men think will solve their sexual dysfunction. This could be easier said than done. The best option would still be a consultation with a doctor to find out what the best ED drug will work for your case.

Five years after Viagra, Tadalafil with brand name Cialis was born. Upon getting approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration, this anti-impotence drug immediately became popular with men suffering from erectile dysfunction. What makes Tadalafil have an edge above its other competitors is the flexibility, effectiveness, and long duration that a single dosage can give.

Tadalafil is packaged in small dosages that, taken daily, will just be what you have in mind. Men who have been experiencing erectile dysfunction for quite some time are the ones that are usually prescribed with tadalafil. Men who are sexually active and indulge in sexual activities two or more times a week can also benefit from tadalafil. A small dosage of 2.5mg or 5mg of tadalafil tablet can immediately give you and your partner a sexual boost at any time convenient and right for both of you.

An added benefit that tadalafil can give is a tablet that comes in 10mg and 20mg strengths. This mighty pill is special as it enhances duration power that will work great for romantic weekend getaways for you and your honey. Popping one of these pills gives you an extension of 36 hours which can be spent on other things such as a romantic dinner before ultimately ending in sexual activity. The drug does away with the rush that could steal away the spontaneity of the sex act.

An erectile dysfunction or impotence problem can be successfully treated when there is a concrete plan for it. Talking it out with your partner regarding your impotence problem will be the first step. Men often feel that admitting to an erectile problem is the most embarrassing moment that deprives them of their masculinity. Yet, they are often surprised when their partner understands and fully supports them in their time of weakness.

The next step would be a frank talk with your doctor. It will be a better option if you also include your partner during a consultation with your doctor. The doctor has to be informed of any prescribed medications that you are presently taking. If you are taking some herbal therapies or vitamins, the doctor has to know this too. The treatment regarding your erectile dysfunction will depend on the information that you tell your doctor. The doctor will be able to prescribe the best option which is tadalafil if you have no existing medical problem that can prevent you from taking it.

Kindle Romance With Viagra

One of the most important and beautiful parts in man’s life is his sexual desire. It is a biological need that cannot be held back when the desire hits the bloodstream. Sadly, the desire may be there but the body could sometimes be incapable of doing what the feelings want. The body of a man could suffer from a condition called ED or erectile dysfunction.

The incapability of man to satisfy the sexual needs of his partner because he cannot reach and maintain an erection has shattered many relationships. This condition generally hits men when they reach their fifties, but there are numerous cases of ED in much younger men which prove a point: that ED can happen in men at any age, race, and social status.

Most of the reasons for ED would be health conditions. The damage done to the fibrous tissues, nerves, smooth muscles, and arteries leading to heart disease, hypertension, and liver or kidney diseases are the main culprits for ED. Drinking too much alcohol, drug use, and smoking also contribute to lessening of blood flow to the penis causing ED.

The development of a drug called Viagra was a breakthrough to all men suffering from ED. The drug has revived romance in the lives of men who were resigned to a sexless existence because of their physical inability to please a partner.

Viagra became the wonder drug of the whole world that made it possible for men to get and maintain an erection from beginning to the end of a sexual activity. Ever since FDA approved its usage way back in the 90s, Viagra has changed the lives of men afflicted with ED. Romance and sex were brought back into the lives of ED sufferers almost like a second chance to make up for time lost during the time when the drug was not developed yet. In the light of this achievement, it is hardly surprising that Viagra was named as the king medication for erectile dysfunction. It is also of small wonder when men, from age 18-65 availed of this wonder pill called Viagra.

Viagra belongs to a group of drugs called phosphodiesterase inhibitors. The function of this group of drugs is to stop and control pde-5, an enzyme, resulting in widening and relaxing the smooth muscles of the penis thus allowing free blood flow which leads to an easier and quicker erection. The main ingredient in Viagra is sildenafil which stops pde-5 or phosphodiesterase type 5 which is an enzyme in multiple cells and tissues in the body. Inhibiting pde-5 improves nitric oxide production which in turn enhances the functions of the blood vessels and heart.

The common recommended dose for Viagra is 50mg, but this may depend on the severity of the problem. The desired result may not be achieved with a 50mg dosage and may need a higher dose of 100mg. It should be noted that since it is a prescription drug, a doctor has to be consulted before usage. Like all drugs, it can produce side effects that may lead to serious health conditions.

Is Vardenafil Good for ED?

One of the popular oral prescription drugs to treat ED or erectile dysfunction in men is Vardenafil, better known as Levitra. The drug is in tablet form and available in 5gms, 10gms, and 20gms that are recommended to be taken 30-60 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Viagra was the first drug developed to treat ED with Levitra Vardenafil following a close second. Both drugs are PDE-5 inhibitors that aid in increasing the blood flow and relaxing the muscles in the penis in order to make it achieve and maintain an erection.

Side effects

Compared to Viagra, Vardenafil reports lesser side effects incidence, but basically when it does happen it shows the same things such as dizziness, congested nose, flushing, headache, stomach upset, and indigestion. The side effects are further exacerbated when taken with certain medicines and alcohol. Vardenafil side effects are more likely to happen when you are more than 65 years old. The side effects are temporary and go away after the drug has been flushed out of your system. If they persist after 24 hours, see a doctor immediately.

Vardenafil should not be used by men who have suffered strokes or heart attacks for the past 6 months and other health conditions such as end-stage renal disease that is undergoing dialysis treatments, angina pectoris, and serious liver problems. If you are taking other forms of medication, see your doctor before you decide to use Vardenafil.

Using Vardenafil will not let you get an erection without any sexual stimulation. Vardenafil helps a man achieve an erection by increasing the blood flow to the penis which is made possible when muscles are relaxed and proteins are processed slowly in the body. Some men have claimed that using Vardenafil has increased the size of their penis although there have been no reports to verify if this is possible.

Erectile dysfunction will not be cured by Vardenafil. The drug will not also give you sexual desire. Vardenafil is not an aphrodisiac. It will not be a protective barrier against STDs or sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, Chlamydia, herpes, HIV nor will it act as a male contraceptive that will prevent pregnancy. Vardenafil will not give long-term sexual function changes and is not addictive.

Vardenafil Levitra have spent millions of dollars along with Cialis and Viagra which are its competitors, not only to promote the product, but also to raise awareness of the ED or erectile dysfunction problem that affects almost 50% of men over age 40 at a certain time in their life. Online pharmacies offer Vardenafil and its other generic versions which have led to price drops as much as 30%.

Yet, it should always be remembered that a doctor has to be consulted even if the drug is readily available online. Notwithstanding the side effects, the drug may not be for you as you might have other health complications that need to be examined by the doctor before the drug could be prescribed. Another thing would be your erectile dysfunction problem. This might stem from an emotional or medical problem that could get you back to normal sexual activity when it is resolved without having to take any drug.

Hope for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction or male impotence is one of the major fears in men. Fear could sometimes be caused by ignorance. Learning more about the reason why men sometimes have erectile dysfunction or if it is a persistent problem, learning to do something about it could help allay anxiety and depression which are actually some of the causes of ED.

ED or erectile dysfunction happens when a man has a persistent problem of not getting and sustaining an erection. Sexual intercourse will become difficult or not achievable when ED is not treated.

The trigger factors that can cause erectile dysfunctions in men are:

  • Emotional problems
  • Physical incapacities or medical problems
  • Mental issues

It has been believed in the past that erectile dysfunction is caused by mind conditioning. It may be, but modern times have discovered the complex reasons that can make a man become impotent.

Risks factors

  • A link between diabetes and erectile dysfunction has been discovered. Diabetes has been found to be an early complication of erectile dysfunction.
  • Doctors have known for some time that having atherosclerosis could develop erectile dysfunction. Treatment for this condition decreases the risk of acquiring erectile dysfunction and a life-threatening complication.
  • Lowering high blood pressure also helps in treating erectile dysfunction. Lifestyle changes can lower high blood levels with some cases that may need help from prescription drugs.
  • Prostate cancer. Prostate cancer does not cause erectile dysfunction. The treatment medications for prostate cancer can cause erectile dysfunction.


The main symptom of erectile dysfunction is the inability to get and sustain an erection to adequately do a sexual act. The problem may show in numerous ways:

  • Occasionally happening or maybe temporary. It is normal for men to have temporary stages of impotency.
  • Persistent impotence which began gradually until it became a chronic condition.
  • Sudden onset. Masturbation can still be achieved as well as have erections in the early mornings. This condition is usually a combination of psychological and physical complications.

A doctor has to be consulted when these erectile symptoms are experienced:

  • An anxiety that threatens your sexual relationship because of the erectile dysfunction condition. At the least, the doctor can clear up some misunderstandings about ED that commonly affects sexual problems. At the most, the doctor can prescribe medications to be taken for a short time to clear up the problem.
  • A persistent erectile dysfunction condition. It could be an early symptom of a serious health condition that needs to be treated such as constriction of the arteries of the penis which could be an indication of diabetes or coronary diseases. The erectile dysfunction can be helped by medications, injection therapy for the penis or the use of a mechanical device. But the health condition that caused ED has to be treated.


Research on future treatments is being researched to give fewer side effects, work effectively, and give quick results in a short time. For the present, there are five available drugs that are taken orally to treat ED and they are Viagra, Cialis, Staxyn, Levitra, and Stendra.

Home Truths About Erectile Dysfunction or ED

Male impotence also known as ED or erectile dysfunction is a common condition in men, ages 40 to 70.

If in the past few weeks you have been experiencing impotence or erectile dysfunction, see your doctor immediately as it may be the first sign of some complicated health conditions such as heart problems.

There are numerous causes for men to experience erectile dysfunction which could be either psychological or physical or both. Here are some of the physical causes:

  • Injury or surgery
  • Hypertension, diabetes or high cholesterol problems that can lead to a constriction of the blood vessels in the penis
  • Hormonal imbalances

The psychological aspects causing male impotence may include:

  • Problems in relationships
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Some men experience erectile dysfunctions in some situations. An example would be getting an erection in the mornings upon waking up or when masturbating, but would not be able to get it up with a sexual partner.

When this occurs, it could be due to stress which is a psychological reason. However, not getting an erection in any situation could be due to physical conditions.

Certain medications could also cause erectile dysfunction as a side effect.


It may be one of the embarrassing moments for a man to admit that he has erectile problems. Yet, the best option is to seek medical advice. The doctor can diagnose male impotence through questions about the symptoms experienced. Tests and physical examination can also be done by the doctor to find underlying causes to the sexual dysfunction.


The first line of treatment is to find out the underlying causes that led to the development of the erectile dysfunction. It may be either psychological or physical or a combination of both factors.

Atherosclerosis, which is the constriction of arteries, is one of the most common reasons for acquiring erectile dysfunction. In cases like these, the first thing that your doctor will recommend is a change in lifestyles which include:

  • Weight loss especially when you are overweight
  • Quit smoking
  • Lessening alcohol intake
  • Quit taking prohibited drugs
  • Regular exercise
  • Stress reduction techniques such as listening to music, reading a book or taking a walk

In some cases, lifestyle changes restored health with marked improvements in the erectile dysfunction condition.

If there is the presence of hypertension, the doctor will prescribe statins to lower down cholesterol levels, treat atherosclerosis, and lower blood pressure.

Erectile dysfunction has been successfully treated with various medications. PDE-5 inhibitor drugs are the most effective medications used for treating male impotence. These drugs temporarily allow blood flow to the penis leading to an erection.

Here are the four PDE-5 inhibitors that are widely used:

  • Avanafil, known for its brand name Spedra
  • Sildenafil, known for its brand name Viagra
  • Vardenafil, known for its brand name Levitra
  • Tadalafil, known for its brand name Cialis

Avanafil, Sildenafil, and Vardenafil lasts for eight hours and work as per need drugs. Treatment that needs a longer period of time will benefit with the 36-hour duration of Tadalafil.

Sex therapy and CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy has also worked very well for erectile dysfunction cases that involve psychological reasons.

Hello Vardenafil – Goodbye ED

When men reach the ages 30 to 70 erectile dysfunction becomes a common, but a distressing problem. Men around the world have been affected by this sexual dysfunction at a certain time in their lives, with most of them having chronic cases. Surveys have been taken to pinpoint the exact number of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, but it has remained an unknown factor mainly because most men would rather keep quiet than admit it. For most of the men, admitting that they suffer erectile dysfunction would be very embarrassing and unmanly.

The development of drugs to treat erectile dysfunction gave hope to millions of men who suffer from the disorder. Viagra was the first to arrive on the scene and made the whole world aware of this sexual dysfunction in men. Other giant pharmaceutical companies cashed in on the burgeoning market of erectile dysfunction and the second brand that competed with Viagra is Levitra Vardenafil.

Phosphodiesterases are enzymes working in the penis which Vardenafil acts on to delay its activity. The delay relaxes the muscles as well as allows free flow of blood in the penis. This leads the man to achieve and maintain an erection when there is presence of a sexual stimulation. The free blood flow to the penis is enhanced by Vardenafil making it sufficient to make the penis erect and to maintain the erection from the start to the end of a sexual activity. As soon as sexual intercourse is over, the blood flow to the penis also decreases and erection ceases as well. This happens because the drug could only help get and maintain an erection for four hours.

This action of Vardenafil gives us a clear picture that the drug will not cure erectile dysfunction. It will help a man to get and maintain an erection to do a sexual act but will not treat the condition. Since the drug is only allowed to be taken once a day, a man has to wait for another 24 hours in order to engage in another sexual activity.

Be that as it may, Vardenafil fulfills its claim of giving a man suffering from erectile dysfunction a new lease in his sexual life even when it is temporary. It is a better option than what men in the past had to put up with. In past eras, a man suffering erectile dysfunction suffers silently.

All drugs give side effects and Vardenafil is no exception. Men who have used Viagra before trying Vardenafil claims that there are very minimal side effects to the drug. Some men state that the same symptoms are felt in both drugs which include dizziness, headaches, upset stomach, indigestion, flushing, and congested and runny nose. These side effects usually go away after 24 hours when the drug leaves the body. However, it must be remembered that if symptoms do not disappear, a doctor has to be consulted right away.

Vardenafil is a drug that has to be prescribed by a health care provider. Deciding to use it to treat erectile dysfunction is good but getting a doctor’s approval and a prescription is even better.

Hard Facts About Cialis

Cialis is an oral tablet that is almond-shaped, yellow colored, and film coated which can be prescribed by a doctor to a man suffering from ED or erectile dysfunction. Cialis is a member of a group of drugs called PDE-5 inhibitors. The drug is not to be used as an aphrodisiac and will not increase sexual desire in men. The drug will only become effective if there is sexual stimulation.

Viagra and Cialis belong to the same group of drugs which means that they are both PDE5 inhibitors.

The length of the duration is the thing that separates Cialis from Viagra. Viagra works effectively for four to six hours. Cialis can work effectively up to 36 hours which can give a man and his partner a leisurely and quality time to spend with each other before having sexual intercourse. This does away with the need for a man to rush up on his sexual activity for fear that he will run out of time.

If blood cannot flow freely to the penis, this results in erectile dysfunction. What Cialis does is to relax the penis’ blood vessels to allow the blood to flow freely and cause an erection. However, when there is no sexual stimulation, a man taking Cialis will not get an erection.

There are two strengths in Cialis, 10mg, and 20mg. Most healthcare providers start their patient’s doses at 20mg. Patients who have renal problems are given the 10mg dosage. Cialis may or may not be taken with alcohol or food, but has to be taken before any planned sexual activity.

In as little as 16 minutes, Cialis can begin working for a man as long as there is the presence of sexual stimulation. Its effect can last for 36 hours. This effect provided by Cialis has made it very popular in France where it has been named as the weekend pill. It should be noted that Cialis can only be taken once a day and upon your doctor’s recommendation and prescription.

Side effects

The usual side effects experienced by over 4000 men who took Cialis were flushing, nasal congestion, mild muscle pain, backache, headache, and upset stomachs. The side effects experienced did not stay long and were graded from mild to moderate. It has also been found that these side effects tend to taper off when men continue to take Cialis.

There was no recorded side effect that involved or affected vision.

Men having these medical conditions must not take Cialis:

  • If they show an allergic reaction to tadalafil or to any component that is in Cialis
  • Serious heart conditions
  • Low blood pressure
  • Experienced stroke from the last 6 months

It is advised that Cialis should never be combined with other treatments for erectile dysfunction.

There are physical conditions in some men that may prevent them from taking Cialis and they are:

  • Men with deformed penis such as Peyronie’s disease or angulation
  • Men who are prone to priapism or painful erection. It also includes leukemia, sickle cell anemia or multiple myelomas