A New Leash of Life Through Levitra

The development of different drugs to treat erectile dysfunction in men has also given them a new lease in their sexual life. In the past, men have to put up with ED throughout their life as there was no other option to take. One of the newly developed drugs that were able to let men lead happy and meaningful sexual lives is Levitra.

Levitra is a prescription drug that is taken orally which is prescribed by doctors to men suffering from the condition of ED or erectile dysfunction. Incapability of achieving and maintaining an erection is the main purpose of Levitra. Some men may view this drug as an aphrodisiac, but it is not. The sex drive depends on the man, and not on the drug.

There are four tablet strengths available for Levitra: 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg. The doctor’s recommended dose should be the one that you should take as determined by your health provider to work best for your case.

Men who are above 18 years of age can benefit from Levitra if they are afflicted with impotence. Other health problems that can be helped by Levitra are erectile dysfunction, diabetes, high levels of cholesterol, and hypertension.

A medical check-up has to be submitted to before a doctor can prescribe Levitra. There are online consultations available that are backed by licensed online clinics. This may be a convenient option to take, but it will never be as reliable as a personal consultation with a doctor.

If you choose to buy Levitra online just make sure that the source has a physical store as well. This lessens your risk of purchasing fake drugs. Due to the popularity of these types of drugs, many fake versions are being sold online. Make sure that the source that you purchase from is reliable.

Vardenafil tartrate is the main and active component in Levitra. Levitra belongs to the group of drugs that are known as PDE-5 inhibitors. The circulation of blood in the penis is improved by these groups of drugs which enable men to achieve an erection when sexual stimulation is present.

Like all drugs, there are possible side effects in Levitra even when it helps in treating erectile dysfunction. More knowledge about the drug can prepare you for the side effects and other contraindications before deciding to use it.

Side effects

The most common side effects reported by men taking Levitra are dizziness, headache, stomach upset, flushing of the face, indigestion, and runny or stuffy nose. On the upside, these side effects are temporary and disappear after a few hours.

Levitra can have a rare side effect such as priapism. The penis stays erect after more than four hours if this side effect is experienced. Another rare occurrence that may be associated with Levitra is having a difficulty in telling the difference between the colors of green and blue. The vision is impaired where everything that is seen is tinged with a blue color. It is very important to remember that a doctor has to be seen right away if these symptoms are experienced.